Most of us want a recipe that can satisfy our high standards of taste as well as our health but don’t require us to work overnight just to prepare them. Healthy cooking is a must nowadays, especially now that most of the foods that are available in the market are processed foods. Healthy food preparations do not have to be very time-consuming or a difficult one or it need not to be a daunting task because you can do it with just an hour and not overnight, less with the ordeal on how on earth you will get started with it.

For you to be able to serve your family with the best tasting and quick healthy meals right in your dinner table, you must be very much familiar r knowledgeable with the steps on how to prepare healthy food. These are the following steps:

Always make a plan

Planning as well as preparing the meals that you will serve for your family for the coming days or weeks is a must that you must do if you want the whole thing to be easier on your part. This plan involves heart-healthy recipes which is full of lean proteins, whole grains and a small amount of foods that you think the body can’t live without. Making a game plan of the foods that you will prepare throughout the week can save you time, money and even calories when in time hunger strikes you, apart from helping you avoid emotional and mindless eating.

Prepare your basics

The three things that you must have for an easy and quick healthy meals and food preparations are virgin olive oil in a bottle, egg substitute produce and a light or fat-free soymilk. Reducing your calorie intake will be much easier if you use olive oil right in a spray bottle than pouring it directly out of its bottle.

Change your cooking habit or method

Healthy cooking is not just about serving your family with the essential nutrients that their body needs, it is more than that. Reducing fat and calories must also be taken into considerations if you want a healthy lifestyle. You can do this just by changing your ways or methods in cooking like baking, broiling or Sautéing chicken instead of directly pan-frying it. Instead of deep-frying the fish, one can opt to grill, broil or poach it. You can dice or microwave onions in a bowl with water for about 1-2 minutes instead of frying them.

Change your cooking tools

The things that you use in cooking your easy recipes are just as important as the way how you cook them. During cooler days, cooking your poultry or meat in the roasting pan on the oven is much preferable than cooking it in the pan because the first will allow the fats to completely drain off. When it happens, it certainly decreases the amount of calories right there in the meat. In warmer days, it is better to take the food outside and use the grill to cook it.

Take all the time that you need

Healthy meal ideas are not that easy to think of, especially if you are organizing your meal plan and shopping list for the very first time. Taking your time in deciding your cooking method, the cooking tools that you will use and the game plan that you have are the keys to make a heart-healthy and easy recipes.

When you are busy, it must not be a reason to sacrifice the nourishment and health of your family. You can whip one of these quick healthy meals and chicken recipes that your whole family will surely love:

  • Chinese chicken and noodle salad – this Chinese-inspired chicken and noodle salad is crunchy, crispy and cool with shredded carrot, cabbage and chicken breast which are tossed with slivered almonds and toasted ramen noodles.
  • Chipotle and orange grilled chicken – this Chipotle Peppers that are added in the adobo sauce perfectly contribute a rich smokiness to this recipe which makes it very much savory.
  • Curried Chicken Pitas – pear and cranberries are the sweet counterpoints in this amazing tangy curried chicken salad recipe. The toasted sliced almonds in this one kind of easy recipes even add a nuttier crunch in this salad which many of you will love.
  • Chicken w/ white beans& tomatoes – this dish which has wonderful flavors and aroma is infused with fresh oregano and thyme.
  • Flaky mushroom & gruyere tarts – no one can resist this dish with melted cheese and sautéed meaty mushrooms.
  • Healthy_CookingHealthy cooking is not a hard task that one must comply with because with the many healthy meal ideas and easy meals to cook that you can find on different websites right on the Web, you can serve your family with healthful foods in real time, with no any hassle or hard efforts required.